Variations: BLUT AUSSAUGER, Blutsauger
Possibly originating in the Bosnia-Herzegov-ina region, the bluatsauger ("bloodsucker") is now one of the vampires that hunt throughout Southern Germany and Bavaria (see GERMAN VAMPIRES). It has no skeleton, but rather extremely large eyes and a body covered with HAIR. It has many of the typical vampiric traits in that it hunts for its human prey at night and is repelled by GARLIC. However, it has the most unique method of creating more of its own kind. The bluatsauger carries a handful of dirt from its tomb in a tightly clenched fist so that when it finds someone that it wishes to convert, it force-feeds them the dirt. Should the person actually consume it, they will be transformed into this species of vampire.
Source: Bryant, Handbook of Death, 99; Bunson, Vampire Encyclopedia, 30, 107

Encyclopedia of vampire mythology . 2014.

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